Learning the expectations and needs of the customer

The start of design works is preceded by a meeting with the investor and people who will be the users of the new interiors. We study the needs of the users, determine the style, colours, atmosphere and schedule of works and we also learn their taste and aesthetic preferences. We conduct a design survey with our customers which allows an initial analysis of the functional and aesthetical matters. Each of the investors is ensured with access to a project manager, through whom they can easily exchange information with the designers as well as monitor the design progress.


Investment assessment

After learning the needs and requirements of the customer, we conduct a detailed assessment of the investment. At this stage, we take all measurements of the existing status of the interior including the general heights, widths as well as the water, electric and ventilation system points. We also make a photographic documentation.


Functional Arrangement

The next stage of the project consists in presenting the customer with various possibilities as to developing the residential space, placement of walls and equipment. We present three plans which are optimised to your needs and requirements. Then we select one plan which is the most suitable or we work on another one to gain your full approval.


Visualisation with arrangement

Approval of the functional arrangement allows to start works on 3D visualisation. On the basis of all the collected information, ideas and agreements we design and arrange the interior. The final effect is provided to the customer for evaluation and if necessary, it is changed and corrected on the basis of discussions and ideas of the customer.



Detailed design documentation

After approval of the 3D visualisation, we prepare the entire project in the form of a technical documentation for all contractors. The above includes:

  • plan of walls, ceilings and floors,
  • plan of finishing elements, wall cladding, drywall, fireplace,
  • plan of stone elements,
  • plan of the joinery,
  • plan of the water system,
  • plan of the electrical system,
  • installation plan for bathrooms with wall construction,
  • plan of furniture components including fixed kitchen furniture as well as closets and designed furniture


Cost estimate with contact details for shops

As the entire design works progress, the sheets with price evaluation, material quantities and details of shops where the materials can be purchased, are supplemented.



Designer supervision

This stage starts project execution and the success of this stage will be decisive of whether the project is executed according to its assumptions and design vision. During the project execution stage it often happens that changes are introduced which occur due to various causes including unexpected problems. At this stage, we resolve the occurring problems and we propose alternative solutions, and corrections of the technical drawings. We also meet the contractors and discuss the entire design prior to starting renovation works. During the process of project execution we monitor progress and quality of the performed works and we answer any questions the contractors may have.


Comprehensive supervision and turnkey investment management

For more demanding customers we offer comprehensive supervision services where we provide management over the works in terms of their compliance with the design and we coordinate the orders on behalf of the customer. We also provide full management services for the investment to release the customer from the responsibility of supervising the difficult and often stressful construction process. We organise professional contractors and arrange schedules of their work. We also organise cleaning companies which will ensure perfect condition after the works are completed. At the end we also ensure decoration of the investment and we hand the keys over to the customer who can start living in the new flat right away.